How to Afford Burning Man Tickets

Burning Man CrowdtiltGot your Burning Man tickets yet? The annual art show-counterculture celebration-Utopian playground held out in the Nevada desert, is only a month away.

The event, which runs from August 25 to September 1, is a notoriously anti-commercialist affair. Only water and coffee are sold on the premises; everything else must be brought to — and later removed from — individually set-up camps. Goods are exchanged on a “gifting” system.

Getting to Burning Man and staying satiated, however, can get costly. So in the spirit of pooling resources to create shared experiences, why not pay one’s way to Black Rock City with groupfunding?

Here’s how a few Tilters are using Crowdtilt to make their Burning Man experience even more awesome.

  • Build A Mutant Vehicle – Justin.tv and Exec founder Justin Kan set up a Crowdtilt to help pay for Titanic’s End, a.k.a. the world’s first mobile iceberg mutant vehicle.
  • Pay for BoozeCrunklantis Sea Monkey campaign organizer Travis Moore is raising funds to pay for his theme camp’s ice, meals, alcoholic beverages, and more. Extra funds will go toward a DJ booth and art gallery.
  • Split Transportation Costs – With his AC Invades Burning Man campaign, Jared Heyman is asking pals to split the cost of a Cruise America RV.
  • Put A Roof Over Your Head - Camp Beaverton, the only all-women, trans-inclusive, sex positive camp at Burning Man, are raising funds to purchase a 36-foot geodesic dome.
  • Build a Giant Blender – The Gender Blender collective is crowdfunding to pay for a giant blender called Engender A Blender, a “10 foot life size blender that you can actually walk into and blend your gender.” The idea behind the uber-appliance is that it will be a nexus of collaborative work, where the art is your gender at the moment.

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Wilson’s of Wickford: Crowdfunding to Save A Local Business

Wilsons of WickfordIndependently-owned stores have been hit particularly hard by the downturn in the economy. One local business refusing to go down without a fight is Rhode Island’s Wilson’s of Wickford, which has turned to crowdfunding and social media for help.

Started as a family business in 1944, Wilson’s has become a mainstay on Brown Street in Wickford Village but is now facing challenging times. The store has done its best to thrive by downsizing and keeping up with both economic and apparel trends. However, they need to now pay their vendors, who have been patient, or else be forced to shut down the store in August.

The store owners are looking to raise $148,000 on Crowdtilt by July 28 to fix their situation, which they realize is “a huge ask.”  The money, they explain, will go towards restocking the store’s shelves with new merchandise from familiar brands like Tommy Bahama, Woolrich and others as well as add new exciting lines and products.  The funds will also help the store be able to sell products online and afford new accounting and point of service software.

“We enjoy what we do and for seventy years it has been our privilege to be a part of the lives of our community and state,” states the campaign. “Please keep in mind the thousands of wonderful, hardworking people in small businesses in our town and throughout our state when making purchases.”

For more information, please check out Wilson’s campaign page.

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