Bachelorette Finale Viewing Party With Reality Steve: Success!

If you’re a diehard “Bachelorette” fan, you probably tuned in last night to see Andi hand out her final rose. If you’re a super diehard fan (or just love an excuse to drink wine with your girlfriends), you might even have hosted a “Bachelorette” finale viewing party for the occasion.

New Yorker Melissa Greenstein not only organized a finale viewing party for all of her friends, but she also had a super surprise guest attend: Reality television blogger Reality Steve. Melissa won a contest hosted by Reality Steve, who announced at the beginning of the season that he would personally attend the finale party that was tilted using Tilt.

Eager to meet Steve, Melissa rented out Fortina, an Italian restaurant in her town of Armonk, New York, and sold a $40 “Bachelorette” experience that included a private viewing of the show, food, and a donation to the Eric Hill Foundation. But most importantly, the event included a guest appearance from everyone’s favorite “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” blogger, Reality Steve! bachelorettefinaleparty Melissa had never planned an event of this scale before, and initially wasn’t even sure if she would meet the $1,000 minimum she needed in order to cover the cost of the venue. She ended up surpassing her goal (four-times over!) and used the additional funds to order a personalized cake and get chocolate-covered roses for her guests. She also made a large charitable donation to the Eric Hill Foundation, a nonprofit founded on behalf of a “Bachelorette” cast member from the current season who passed away before the show began airing on TV.

“With the help of Tilt, we were able to create an easy way to gather a bunch of people together for this viewing party,” said Reality Steve. “We had no idea if enough people were going to sign up in order to even make it happen, but Melissa ended up raising an additional $1300 for Eric’s Foundation and it went really well. There was over 100 people there.” Check out Reality Steve’s recap of the event and the season finale here.

“When I first decided to organize the ‘Bachelorette’ finale party with Reality Steve, I thought that it would be me and five of my friends attending,” said Melissa. “Little did I know how easy Tilt was to use to help me organize this event. It was very easy to navigate and at the end of the day, not only did we have a great event, but we were able to raise $1300 for the Live Like Eric foundation. What a success. Thank you Tilt!”

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