Students Successfully Crowdfund Tuition for MakeGamesWithUs

MakeGamesWith.Us The average online class may teach you how to code a basic program or design a simple website. But how many actually teach you how to build an entire iPhone game and bring it to market? That’s the idea behind MakeGamesWithUs, a two-year-old startup that teaches students of all ages not only how to make the next Flappy Bird, but also how to sell it on the Apple Store. MGWU’s curriculums are geared toward teenagers, but they’re so robust, they’ve even been used by MIT, Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon.

To make sure brainy students from all backgrounds had access to their in-person Summer Academy this year, MGWU founders Ashu Desai and Jeremy Rossmann set up a scholarship program for select students earlier this year. As part of the scholarship, recipients were encouraged to create Crowdtilt campaigns to help crowdfund tuition for the Academy. 25% of the class ended up successfully “tilting” their campaigns, raising anywhere from $100 to $5,200 each.

Setting up Crowdtilt campaigns served two main purposes, according to Desai. First, the campaigns helped pave the way for economically-disadvantaged kids to participate in the program. But even more importantly, Desai says, the campaigns helped prove participants’ mettle. For any student who’s interested in building a product, crowdfunding through Crowdilt is a great way to show hustle,” says Desai. “It’s the same kind of hustle that you’ll need to show investors, and to prove to them that you can sell yourself and your product.”

Desai would know. The 21-year-old entrepreneur started making iPhone games in high school and his game Helicopter made roughly $35,000 from the Apple store. After dropping out of college, he synced with his long time friend Rossmann to successfully pitch the initial idea for their company to incubator Y Combinator. The duo were accepted and launched their company in 2012.


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MBA Students Tilt Summer Mixers Across the Nation

Last year, HBS blew up by using Crowdtilt to plan and pay for all sorts of events and Stanford GSB planned an epic summer trip to Colombia. This year, students at a whole host of leading MBA programs are collaboratively using Crowdtilt to organize the inaugural series of MBA Summer Mixers across the US. These community events are being planned by the social leads from 15 leading MBA programs in four locations: San Francisco, New York City, Chicago and Seattle. The first MBA Mixer – an open bar boat cruise for MBA students in Chicago this summer – took place on Saturday, July 11th and was attended by 80 people. Needless to say, they had a blast. Following the success of the Chicago MBA Mixer (shout-out to organizer Bob Reish of Wharton!) planned it.) there are still three more upcoming events (and a rescheduled shindig in DC) for MBAs to look out for:

  • Seattle Mixer: Wash-based students should circle Aug. 8 on their calendars for a night of “drinks, bowling, billiards, food, and fun!”, as organized by Maryn Juergens (Tuck), Kevin Shiau  (Wharton) and Ramie Abu-zahra (Wharton).
  • NYC Mixer: Organizers Naoko Miyamoto (Haas), Christian Okoye (GSB), Ted Sands (Wharton), and Zach DeWitt & Calley Means (HBS) are hosting a boozy brunch at Poco (33 Avenue B) on August 2. This is the first time an official NYC MBA Summer Mixer has been thrown, so get ready to be part of a new summer tradition in “the city”.
  • SF Mixer: Organizers Alex Russell (Tuck), Bryan Solar (GSB), Ami Vora (Wharton) and Michelle Tandler (HBS) are taking over Butter in SOMA for drinks + mingling with San Francisco’s top business minds (in the making).

Time is running out to sign up, so make sure you’re on the list for these awesome events. A special shout-out to our amazing organizers for putting these parties together! And Looking Ahead to the Fall…  This year, our MBA event organizers have all sorts of welcome back parties. If you know someone that might be interested in joining the planning committees for any future MBA events, email crew@crowdtilt.com.

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